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Price Guide for Discounted Equipment Insurance

This table will gve you a guide however on the proposal form you can put in whatever values you require. There is a minimum price of £81 (which includes Insurance Premium Tax and Broker Fees of £25). Individual quotes may vary dependant on previous claims history and the cover required. (These figures assume UK only cover. Higher rates apply for EU / Worldwide covers).


Sum Insured (these prices exclude the £25 fee which is only applied once to the total)






DJ Equipment












Musical Instruments












Laptops / Tablets






PL cover for a Cold Spark Machine (eg Sparkular / Spark Stream) would start from £33.60 for £5m based on a sole trader DJ with no employees. This is assuming that it is purchased as an add-on to Equipment cover, if purchased in isolation the £81.00 minimum premium would apply. This should be used as a guide only - for a definite quote please download and complete the form in the AMPdj Members area. See below for a summary of cover. This facility is offered as another benefit of AMPdj membership. We do not receive any commission on this product.

Confused by the above? Try our easy to use calculator below - (for guide purposes only)...

DJ Equipment




Add £5m PLI cover for a Cold Spark Machine (based on a sole trader DJ with no employees)

The following will be included in Your Policy according to the cover You have selected which is detailed in Your Policy Schedule.

This Summary is not exhaustive.

Some specific causes of Damage will be excluded, specific Property may be excluded and some cover will be subject to specific limits. These will be detailed in Your Policy Schedule and Policy Wording.

Your Excess in the event of a claim will be shown in Your Policy Schedule

Policy Summary

Unless otherwise stated in your Policy Schedule, Your Policy is an annually renewable Insurance, which is is underwritten by Covea Insurance PLC

The information below provides a summary of the cover provided. For full terms and condition of the cover provided, please refer to Your Policy documents.

Full details of what cover You have chosen, including the Sums Insured and Limits of Liability will be shown in Your Quotation or Policy Schedule.

Cover is based on the insurable value of the Property and if the values that You declare are less than the full amount Your claim may be reduced.

For full Policy details and our full terms and conditions please read Your Policy Wording, which will be provided on completion of Your contract or at any time upon request.

Other Important Information

The Other Important Information section of this Policy Summary explains the following:
• Law and Language applicable to the Policy
• Financial or Trade Sanctions
• Our Complaints Procedure
• Financial Services Compensation Scheme
Making a Claim

We understand that claims form a critical component of Our offering the moment the Policy becomes tangible and We are relied upon to deliver upon Our commitment to You.

To report a claim please contact:

Hencilla Canworth Ltd
Telephone: 020 8686 5050

DJ Equipment Insurance
Provides Cover for Damage to Owned and Hired Equipment
Features and Benefits
Standard Covers;

Accidental loss, damage or theft occurring during the Period of Insurance to:

• DJ and Related Electrical Equipment (incl. audio visual equipment, mobile dancefloors, smoke machines, foam canons and the like)
• Photobooths and Accessories
• Props, Sets & Wardrobe
• Musical Instruments
• Laptops & Tablets

Cover applies up to the limits stated in your Policy Schedule.

The policy covers losses occurring within the Geographical Limits specified in the Policy Schedule.
The available options are United kingdom, UK + EU or full Worldwide cover.

Cover is on a ‘as new’ basis meaning that equipment will be

a) repaired to a condition the same as it when new; or
b) if repair is not possible, the policy will pay for replacement equipment the same (but not better) than its condition when new.
Significant Exclusions and Limitations

Please refer to the Policy Exclusions (page 9 and 10) and Section Exclusions (page 12) in Your Policy Wording for a full list of policy exclusions.

Selected exclusions are listed below:

Promotor/Organiser Exclusion – the policy will not respond to any claim made against you that arises from any event where you acted in the capacity of either/or a promoter or organiser.

Damage caused during repairs etc. – you will not be covered for any damage that occurs whilst the equipment is being repaired, renovated, serviced, tested or adjusted.

Damaged caused by change in temperature or climatic conditions, corrosion, rust or scratching is not covered by the policy.

Electrical or mechanical breakdown of equipment is not insured.

Theft from Unattended Vehicle Conditions – the policy will only provide cover if the equipment was kept in a boot, secure compartment or otherwise hidden from plain sight and the vehicle was securely locked with all other vehicle protections (such as alarm systems and immobilisers) are in operation.
Section Extensions
Continuing Hire Charges – your liability under a hire contract to pay ongoing hiring fees following Damage to hired in equipment.

Alternative Hire Costs – the cost of temporarily hiring replacement equipment when yours has been damaged.
Fraudulent Hire - losses You incur as a result theft by deception of equipment you have hired out.

Dry Hire Insurance –damage to equipment whilst on hire without an accompanying operator.
• Please see Your Policy Schedule for Cover Limits
• Excludes hiring charges arising more than 13 weeks from the date of loss or Damage
• Please see Your Policy Schedule for Cover Limits
• Excludes hiring charges arising more than 6 weeks from the date of loss or Damage
• Please see Your Policy Schedule for Cover Limits
• Cover is subject to you complying with certain pre-hire conditions. Please refer to your Policy Wording for full details
• Please see Your Policy Schedule for Cover Limits
• Cover only applies if stated in your Policy Schedule.
Liability Section
Features and Benefits
Significant Exclusions and Limitations
Employers Liability
Provides protection against your legal liability for damages and legal costs arising from injury to any person employed by you in the course of their employment in your business.
Standard Covers:

Bodily Injury caused to an Employee during the Period of Insurance within the Territorial Limits.
Bodily Injury is defined as: physical or mental injury including death, illness, disease, mental anguish or shock but not defamation.
• Limit of indemnity £10,000,000 for any one event (restricted to £5,000,000 in respect of Terrorism).
• The Policy includes the claimants costs and expenses within the Limit of Indemnity
Indemnity does not apply in respect of:
• Injury for which you are required to arrange motor insurance in accordance with the Road Traffic Act within the European Union
• Offshore Activity
Public and Products Liability
Provides protection against your legal liability for damages and legal costs arising from injury to any person employed by you in the course of their employment in your business.
Standard Covers:

Public Liability
• Accidental Bodily Injury to any person, or Accidental Damage to Property
• Wrongful arrest, wrongful detention, false imprisonment or malicious prosecution

Occurring during the Period of Insurance within the Territorial Limits in connection with Your Business

Products Liability
• Accidental Bodily Injury to any person or Accidental Damage to Property

Occurring during the Period of Insurance anywhere in the world and caused by or arising from any product sold, supplied, hired out, erected, installed, repaired or serviced by you.
• Please refer to your Policy Schedule for the Limit of Indemnity
• Public Liability limit is provided in respect of any one event
• Products Liability limit is provided in respect of an aggregate of all claims arising during the Period of Insurance
• The Limit of Liability shall not exceed £2,000,000 in respect of Terrorism
• The Policy will compensate for claimants costs and expenses in addition to the Limit of Liability

Public and Products liability exclude legal liability:

• Arising from claims made against you in the capacity of a promotor or organiser of any event
• arising from risks that require more specific insurance e.g. Motor, marine etc.
• arising in connection with advice, design or specification provided for a fee
• for injury to employees
• arising from loss or damage to property in your custody or control
• caused by pollution other than sudden and unintended pollution
• caused by or arising from any Product Supplied which to Your knowledge is for use in or supply to the United States of America or Canada
• arising from contractual liability
• for any fines and penalties

Other Exclusions do apply, please refer to the Policy Wording for full details.
Personal Accident
Provides cover for a fixed benefit payable to an Insured Person in the event of accidental bodily injury.
Features and Benefits
Standard Covers:

1. Accidental Death
2. Loss of one or both eye(s)
3. Loss of one or more limb(s)
4. Loss of hearing in both ears
5. Loss of hearing in one ear
6. Loss of Speech
7. Permanent Total Disablement
8. Temporary Total Disablement
9. Temporary Partial Disablement
10. Hospital Benefit

Cover can be arranged on the following basis:

• Occupation only – cover applies to accidents to an Insured Person whilst engaged in the occupation with your business only

• 24 Hours – cover applies to all accidents other than accidents arising from any excluded activities
Significant Exclusions and Limitations
• Please see Your Policy Schedule for Cover Limits
• Benefit shall not be payable under more than one of benefits 1 – 7 in respect of the same injury or same period of disablement, except that payment may be made under benefit 8 or 9.
• Benefit 7 shall be payable only on certification by a medical referee of permanent total disablement as defined in the Schedule applicable to this Section and not before the expiry of 52 consecutive weeks disablement.
• Bodily Injury resulting from an Insured Person taking part in or practicing for:

a) abseiling, boxing, caving, hunting, ice hockey, judo, martial arts, polo, potholing, professional sports, sub aqua diving, water skiing, winter sports or wrestling
b) flying and aerial activities or any kind other than as a fare paying passenger in a properly certified multi engine passenger carrying aircraft or helicopter flown in the course of licenced operations
c) mountaineering or rock climbing which would normally necessitate the use of ropes or guides
d) racing of any kind other than on foot or swimming or
e) engaging in or taking part in armed forces service or operations
f) a motorcycle (as driver or passenger) other than under 250c.c and when the driver is duly qualified and is possession of a current UK driving licence and both driver and passenger wear safety
helmet(s) and appropriate clothing
g) any kind of power tools

• Bodily Injury sustained while under the influence of or due wholly or partly or directly or indirectly to the taking of drugs other than drugs taken as prescribed by a qualified registered medical practitioner but not for the treatment of drug addiction
Other Important Information
Language and Law

The language of this Policy and all related communications will be in English and the law applicable to this contract will be English Law and the decisions of English courts

Financial or Trade Sanctions

The insurers of this policy are unable to provide insurance in circumstances where to do so would be in breach of any financial or trade sanctions imposed by the United Nations or any government, governmental or judicial body or regulatory agency. Full details will be provided in the policy documentation.

Compensation Scheme

The providers of this insurance as defined in this Policy are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). If they cannot meet their obligations You may be entitled to compensation under this scheme depending on the type of insurance and the circumstances of the claim You are covered for 90 per cent of the claim without any upper limit. However, for compulsory classes of insurance You are covered for 100 per cent of the claim without any upper limit.

Further information about compensation scheme arrangements is available from the FSCS.

You can visit the website at or write to: Financial Services Compensation Scheme

7th Floor
Lloyd’s Chambers
Portsoken Street
E1 8BN
Complaints Procedure

It is always the intention to provide a first class standard of service. However it is appreciated that occasionally things go wrong. In some cases we will be able to resolve any concerns and you should contact us directly.

Alternatively if you need to complain please contact the Pen Underwriting Limited Complaints Officer quoting your policy or claim number.

Pen Underwriting Limited Complaints Officer
3 Atlantic Quay
20 York Street
G2 8JH

Telephone: 0141 285 3539

Your complaint will be acknowledged within 5 business days of receipt. If the complaint is not resolved within 4 weeks of receipt Pen Underwriting will write to You and let You know what further action will be taken. A final response letter will be issued within 8 weeks of receipt. Upon receipt of the letter if You remain dissatisfied You may refer Your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

The FOS is an independent body that arbitrates on complaints.

The FOS can be contacted at the following address:

The Financial Ombudsman Service
Exchange Tower
London E14 9SR

Telephone: 0800 0234567 (for landline users); Telephone:0300 1239123 (for mobile users)

You have six months from the date of the final response from Your Insurer to refer Your complaint(s) to the FOS. This does not affect Your right to take legal action, however, the FOS will not adjudicate on any case where litigation has commenced.
Hencilla Canworth Ltd. is an Independent Insurance Intermediary authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under reference number 226263. Registered office: Hencilla Canworth Ltd. Simpson House, 6 Cherry Orchard Road, Croydon, CR9 6AZ. Registered in England. Company number: 1593283