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7 Secrets to Running a Successful Disco Business

What's in a name 7 Secrets to Running a Successful Disco Business - Part 1

We've called them 'secrets' because, although they're all pretty straightforward tips and ideas, most DJs do ignore at least some of them and lose business as a result!

1. Be Professional

Not just at the gig but when dealing with the client at the enquiry and booking stages.

This includes how you answer the phone and how you reply to emails. Always spell check your responses before sending an email back.

2. Be Punctual

Not just at the gig but when replying to client emails and phone calls.

Leaving it 3 days to respond to a client's enquiry or query is not good for business. If you're on holiday there are options:

  1. Get someone trusted to check your emails daily
  2. Most resorts have free Wi-Fi so spending 15 minutes a day to keep on top of your emails won't ruin your holiday but could boost your business
  3. Have an email auto-responder set up to let clients know that you can't answer them straightaway
3. Don't Ignore the client

Not just at the gig but in the run up to it.

We know of 2 cases where a client has panicked a week before the event because they hadn't heard from their DJ since booking them some months before. In both cases they booked another DJ 'just to be on the safe side'.

4. Listen to the Client

Not just at the gig but when they make an enquiry

Have you covered all their requirements in your reply? Although we recommend having a template email ready to send to them it still needs to be personalised and take into account their specific needs.

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