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Adding Videos to Your Website or Facebook Page

Adding Video to Your WebsiteAdding Videos to Your Website

Apart from actually being at one of your gigs, there's no better way to demonstrate your service, and your ability to create a great party, than with a video.

Including one, or more, on your website or Facebook page helps to paint a picture of your service for the client. It might just be the catalyst that encourages them to make contact and book you.

Video Content

As with the photos, video footage needs to be chosen carefully in order to portray the right image. A ten minute video showing your disco rig with the lights moving may seem like a good idea, but what message are you sending to the client with a big empty dance floor?

The length of your video is important too. If the same scene is playing for too long, there is a very good chance that clients will get bored, click off it and miss a classic moment that you want them to see. A compilation of ‘best bits’ often works better. You only need a short excerpt of each situation and make sure you include your best unique selling point - YOU!

Editing Your Videos

There are many free video editing programs available on the internet. They allow you to combine a number of clips and use interesting fades/transitions to sandwich them together into one neat video.

One such program is Windows Movie Maker. It is simple, straight forward and free, but enables you to produce a professional looking video. From loading each clip up, you can edit out parts leaving just the excerpts that you want people to see.

This program also allows you to add transitions, title pages, credits and commentary. The title pages tell the viewer about the video. Commentary can be added as a scrolling banner over the video to further add interest for the client.

Hosting Your Videos

To place your video on your website it needs to be hosted somewhere. You can either host it on the server with your website or use an external provider and embed the link onto your site.

There are a number of external video sharing websites available such as MySpace, Vimeo, Flickr and, of course, YouTube. One of the easiest and most widely used is YouTube. It’s worth spending time deciding on the title, description and keywords for your video, as this will help it appear in relevant searches too.

Have fun with your videos…. And make sure they portray the real you!