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How Much is a Mobile Disco?

What's in a name"How much do you charge?" can often be the opening line in a phone call.

Is price their only consideration? Or could it be the client just doesn’t know what else to ask?

So do you answer this question outright and risk it being a very short phone call?

Or do you try and find out more about them, their function and what they are looking for; then tell them what you can offer before giving them a price?

Here's some suggestions on how to respond to the opening question:

  • Ask for their name and use it
  • Ask the nature of the function
  • Ask - Is it yourself getting married/ Is it your birthday party etc?
  • Ask the date of their function
  • Find out the venue location
  • Find out the hours they require a disco for
  • Enquire about the styles of music they/their guests like
  • Find out the age group of guests attending
  • Find out more about them - be interested in them!
You could pick up on any of these points as the conversation progresses eg "Yes, I know that venue well" or "I see you have a number of older/younger guests coming. Well I can make sure they are included by ..."

Bear in mind that this may be the first time they've ever booked a DJ and so any advice you can offer could make you stand out favourably.

Once you are fully satisfied that you have provided them with all the information relevant to their function, then this is the time to answer their question about price.

Be 100% positive - believe fully in yourself and the price you are quoting eg "I can do all that for £XXX"

By giving the client lots of reasons to book you before giving them the price, they are much more likely to choose you.