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Short Term or 'One-Off' DJ PLI

What's in a nameYou've probably reached this page as you're looking for short term DJ Public Liability Insurance for one night or for one-off DJ PLI.

Before you part with your hard earned money by paying for insurance for just one event please consider these questions...

  • 1. Do you DJ at more than one function in a year?
  • 2. If you do then why do you need cover for just one of them?
  • 3. Maybe this is the only venue that has asked you to make sure you are covered and have PLI?
  • 4. What would you do if there was a claim made against you at another event where DJ PLI wasn't asked for?

If your answer to question 1 was 'Yes' then you'd be far better off making sure that you had cover for all of your events and not just one.

As a guide, Public Liability Insurance for DJs for a one-off event would cost you between £45-£65.

If, a few months down the line, you are asked for it again then that's another £45-£65 to pay out.

We provide our members with £10m PLI cover for a full year for just £49.99. This is far better value for you (and why we don't offer one-off or short term PLI as it's just not worth it if you perform more than once a year*!).

*An exception to this would be if you are the promoter or organiser of the event where specialist PLI cover would be required. If in doubt always consult an insurance broker who can offer you expert advice.