The Alliance of Mobile & Party DJs (AMPdj) 60 Second DJ Digest

Making Your Disco Look Good

What's in a nameWow… looking good!

When your client or guests walk into the room, do they look at your set up and say ‘WOW’?

Do you feel a sense of pride when you’ve finished setting up and you are itching to take a picture?

Or is it time to take a critical look at your set up?

Before you even press ‘play’ on an evening, guests may have already formed an opinion about you from what they can see.

Having a presentable and professional looking rig doesn’t mean spending lots of money. Often it is a case of tidying up and presenting what you already have.

A mobile disco, by its very nature of being packed down and put up many times in a year, will start to look tired. Ongoing maintenance is a necessity.

Next time you set up for an event, go to the back of the room and take a picture. Look at it from the eyes of a guest. Does it look cluttered? Are there visible cables? Are there things there that don’t need to be? Do any parts look worn?

Consider the following:

  • Visible cables: make sure all cables match the colour of your frame (black or white). This includes four-ways and other multi-plugs.
  • Tidy cables: Cables don’t need to hang or loop. Reusable cable ties or Velcro straps are your answer! Use gaffa tape or similar for cables running along the floor.
  • Material to hide legs or cover frontage: A quick iron of material can soon change a tired frontage to a neat one.
  • Flight cases and hold-alls: Tidy away from your performance area or hide them appropriately.
  • Metal frame work: Touch up with enamel paint or spray paint on a regular basis.
  • Star clothes or similar: check all bulbs work.
  • YOU!: Be appropriately dressed for the occasion
Be proud of your rig and aim for the ‘WOW’ when guests enter the room.