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2 Ways to Earn More Money from Your DJing

Two ways to earn more money Have you tried putting your prices up, and then realised your diary was looking a tad sparse?

Often, a client will only pay more if they believe they will be getting a better service or more for their money.

Here are two possible methods you can use to enhance your service and, ultimately, raise your fee. Both have been proven to work, so it’s down to personal choice.

1. The Inclusive Method

Everything you can throw into your service is included in the price. This could be things like up-lighters, ‘love’ letters, low lying fog, cold spark machines. You could also look at alternatives to just dancing by including activities such as competition dance offs, games, kids entertainment early doors, a spot of line dancing or a game show.

You would promote it by saying everything you want all for one price with no hidden extras. This way, you quote a higher than average price but you can justify it with the amount of extras that are included. As well as naming the extras to your client, you would need to explain the benefits of them too (see previous article called ‘So What’).

For example, including a game show in your evening adds entertainment for those who don’t want to dance and provides a platform for fun and laughter.

Another example is the up-lighting; it enhances your venue and creates a magical ambience. It can transform a plain room into a majestic one. The colours can be changed to suit your colour scheme.

2. The Add on Method

Charge what you’ve always charged but arrange a face to face meeting with them early on. At the meeting, show them photos and videos of other services or ‘extras’ that you can provide at a ‘discounted’ rate if booked as part of the package. All the above items in method 1 can be used as chargeable add-ons.

Both methods rely on your selling techniques. Three magic ingredients you need to achieve this are good photos of guests enjoying themselves, videos with original sound (not over dubbed with a pointless sound track) and testimonials from past clients.