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Tips for being the best DJ you can be

What Makes a Great DJ?So What Does Make a DJ Great?

Is there one ingredient that makes a great DJ? No!

Is there a Formula? No!

Are there certain skills a DJ should have? Certainly some skills are an advantage, but there is such a huge market out there for different types of DJ it’s probably better to identify where your skills lie and perfect them, rather than try to be everything to everyone.


Teaching mixing skills is a very hard subject to cover in an article. If you are interested in beat mixing, blending, harmonics, etc. then either hook up with a DJ who is already proficient or find a course in your area. There are also many 'How To' videos available on YouTube on this topic. Then practise, practise and practise some more.

Some would argue that mixing is a necessity for every DJ. Kids party DJs and personality DJs would disagree.

Keep Them Dancing

Learning how to keep a crowd on the dance floor can only come with experience; even then it varies by region. Take a DJ from the north and give them a gig in the south; he/she may well find that their usual 'sure-fire dance floor fillers' bomb. Again, if you are just starting out, offer to help an established DJ in your local area.

Using the Microphone

Some say talking on the microphone should be kept to a minimum; others say it adds personality to the evening. Is there a definitive answer? Definitely not! There is an ample market for both types. The important decision to make is which one is naturally you. A kids DJ or wedding DJ would need to be confident on the mic and exhibit exemplary skills whereas someone who wants to work mostly in clubs would need minimum skills.

Song Ideas

Having a wide knowledge of music is a good skill for any DJ. Ask any small group of DJs to come up with their top ten songs and you'll probably have a list of between 80 and 90 tunes. Everyone has their favourites or the ones that work for them. It often depends on the type of functions and venues they do and their location. When at a function, the easiest way to work out what will get your guests onto the dance floor is to ask them!