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Highland Battle of the DJ’s

Highland battle of the DJs - 1st September 2011 Battle of the DJs - Inverness On 1st September 2011, there will be an old skool vs. new DJ battle, to be held in an Inverness nightclub.

The battle will feature 5 old skool and 5 new DJ’s and will be hosted by Si Paul, the Ibiza DJ of Lost Witness.

There will be 5 Judges for the battle in the Inverness nightclub Miami, with all money from the door going to a couple of local charities.

The 5 old skool DJ’s can only play music from before the year 2000 and new from 2000 onwards.

Each DJ will do a 20 minute set each. The winner of each category then doing another 20 minute set and followed by both of them battling for 20 mins. This is the first DJ battle for Inverness and hopefully will be the first off many.

The DJ line up is
Scott Langley, Pete Lewicki, Dale ‘Foley’ bear, Tim ‘Tiny Tim’ Glews, Francisco ‘Cisco’ Rodregues, Andy ‘Neon’ Young, Phill Coe, Nicola ‘Ninny Minaj’ Bear, Greg ‘DJ Revo’ Morrison and CJ Mackenzie.

The battle will commence at 2230 till 0250 with Si Paul ‘Lost witness’ playing either side of the battle. The heats will be from 2230 till 0150 the final set and battle between 0150 till 0250.

The winner will be announced just before the club shuts at 0300. All DJ’s from all over the highlands of Scotland will also be invited to support the DJ’s in the battle.

This event is supported, but not organised, by AMPdj. Good luck to all involved!!

Require more information ... contact us using the form on this site or give Phill a call on 01463 718694.