The Alliance of Mobile & Party DJs (AMPdj) DJ PLI Cover

DJ PLI Cover & Sums Insured

The PLI policy underwritten by Covea (below) will cover all members who joined/renewed before 1st October 2023 until their current membership expiry date or 30th September 2024, whichever is earlier.

From 00.01hrs on 1st October 2023 new members and renewing existing members are covered by a policy underwritten by Convex - see here.

General Information - (for members joining or renewing before 1st October 2023)


All current individual members of the Alliance of Mobile & Party Disc Jockeys (AMPdj) who are normally resident in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

Business Description:

The Insured's occupation as a Disc Jockey (including work as karaoke host, VJ, as a Master of Ceremonies or as a Quiz Host) and/or the dry hire of audio visual (including light-up letters), portable dance floors and related equipment and accessories and/or the teaching of DJ skills (For live acts click here)


    This insurance is underwritten by
  • Covea Insurance PLC  under policy number ENTCL/01011.

Policy Type:

    Public Liability Insurance
    Product Liability Insurance

Public & Product Liability

The policy provides insured members with Public Liability Insurance with a limit of indemnity of £10m in respect of all claims arising from a single insured accident and Products Liability Insurance with a limit of indemnity of £10m in respect of all claims occurring in a single period of insurance. More specific details are provided below.

What Is Covered?
Cover is provided for an insured members legal liability to pay compensation (including costs) following:

  • accidental Injury to any person
  • accidental loss of or damage to property happening during the Period of Insurance and arising in connection with an Insured Business Activity.

In addition, the policy also provides:

  • an indemnity to any contract principal of an insured member for claims against them that would have been covered had it been brought against the insured member
  • compensation of up to £500 per day to any insured member required to attend court at the insurers request

What Is Not Covered?
This section of the policy does not provide any cover for:

  • the Bodily Injury to any Person Employed
  • the use of applied heat, fire or pyrotechnics on third party premises other than the use of Flash Paper, Flash Cotton or Flash String
  • Claims arising from events where the AMPdj member is acting as either promoter or organiser
  • Risks that require more specific insurance i.e. Use of Motor Vehicles, Watercrafts, Aircrafts etc.
  • Damage to Property in the custody or control of the AMPdj Member
  • Liability for breach of professional duty or inadequate advice

This is a summary of the principal exclusions only and other exclusions do apply; please refer to the Policy Document for full details.

Territorial Limits:
The policy covers activities undertaken by the insured member anywhere within the World provided that the member’s usual place of work is within the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

£500 in respect of each and every claim arising from Damage to Third Party Property.

Policy Extensions:
Cross Liabilities (Member to Member Liability) The policy extends to cover claims made between individual AMPdj members, subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy.

Indemnity to Principals and Others
The policy will also provide an indemnity to any:

  • Contract Principal
  • Personal Representatives

providing that the claim would have been covered had it been made directly against the AMPdj member.

Legal Defence Costs

The policy will also cover Legal Defence Costs arising:

  • from any prosecution of the AMPdj member as a result of breach of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 or Part II of the Consumer Protection Act 1987 or Part II of the Food Safety Act 1990 or any legislation of similar effect.
  • out of the defence of any proceedings in a Court of Summary Jurisdiction in respect of matters which may form the subject of indemnity under this policy.

Compensation for Court Attendance

This policy will pay the AMPdj member £250 for each day they are required to attend court as a witness at the request of the Underwriters.

The policy summary can be read here and the Full Policy Document here (PDF). For convenience these PDFs will open in a new window.