Common Q&As for Mobile Disco Public Liability Insurance

Mobile DJ Questions and Answers

We plan to answer all commonly asked questions here. If you have another please get in touch.

Membership Questions

We provide some great tangible and worthwhile benefits for our members which is probably why AMPdj is the largest Organisation for Mobile DJs in the UK with 2 out of every 3 mobile DJs choosing AMPdj as the one to join. We also do all this for the fantastic price of £49.99.

Are we the best for YOU and your business? Have a read of the site and if you're still undecided give us a call on 0333 577 2247 (Calls charged at normal landline rate and included in applicable call/bundle packages).

If you are a singer, musician or in a band or tribute act then you may find our sister organisation would be more suitable for you.

The period of membership to The Alliance of Mobile & Party DJs is for 12 months. At the end of that time you can choose to extend, cancel or simply not renew your membership.

Yes you can - our phone lines are manned from lunchtime right through until late in the evening. You can reach us on 0333 577 2247 (Calls charged at normal landline rate and included in applicable call/bundle packages) and if it's outside these hours or the lines are busy just leave a message and we'll call you back.

You can also request a call-back by completing the form here.

Yes you can - simply call us on 0333 577 2247 with your card details (Calls charged at normal landline rate and included in applicable call/bundle packages). If the lines are busy just leave your name and phone number and we'll call you back or you can request a call-back by completing the form here.

We will handle your personal details with care. We are registered and verified as PCI compliant and also registered with the Information Commissioner's Office under reference: ZA065005

This is deemed a 'Business to Business (B2B)' transaction under the distance selling regulations. Refunds less an admin fee will only be made if the full PLI Documents have not been issued (in most cases these are issued immediately upon payment).

We don't automatically renew your membership at the end of the term so if you no longer require our services then they will expire.

Yes you do! It will be available for you to print off immediately after joining and will be personalised with your details.

Yes, AMPdj is just for DJs. If you are a musician, singer, in a band or tribute act then go to

Yes you can. Your account will be manually activated once payment is received. Contact us here for further information or give us a call on 0333 577 2247 (Calls charged at normal landline rate and included in applicable call/bundle packages).

DJ Public Liability Insurance Questions

By joining AMPdj you will have your DJ Insurance cover and membership certificate within minutes of registering. As soon as your payment is made you will find everything you need to either print off or save as a PDF within the AMPdj Members Area

If you're looking for a quote for DJ Insurance then our membership costs just £49.99 per year. This includes free £10 million Public and Product Liability plus registration for receiving enquiries from one area and many other great benefits.

This policy covers legal liability to pay compensation in respect of accidental bodily injury or accidental damage to Third Party Property see full details here.

It does not cover 'non-DJ' related activities such as Face Painting, Photo Booths, Bouncy Castles, Bucking Broncos, Balloon Modelling etc (this list is not exhaustive).

Many venues insist that any 3rd party contractors (such as DJs) who work at their premises have their own liability cover. If you cause damage to property or if your equipment injures a guest or member of staff, you could be liable. PLI covers you for these eventualities. As DJ Public Liability Insurance is so cheap these days it's well worth having.

Fill in the membership application form here. Pay the membership fee (£49.99 for a full year) and you are covered with immediate effect. Ideal if you need DJ Public Liability Insurance quickly!

After joining, and paying the membership fee, you will be able to download  your AMPdj Membership Certificate which will contain your name, DJ or disco name, partial address and member number. In addition you will receive a 'To Whom it May Concern' letter provided by the insurers. You can also add a membership validation button to your website or on social media. Our easy to use system allows clients and venues to confirm your membership and PLI cover at any time with a click.

Only the named DJ is insured. This policy does not cover a person employed by you (whether paid or voluntary). New rules on Employers Insurance came into effect in May 2011 so if you do employ someone you will need Employers Liability Insurance (check with our broker - details at the bottom of your Membership certificate).

No - the policy is for the named individual and not a disco company. You can insure additional members of your team using the application form and selecting a different area for each DJ. For example, if you have 3 DJs working for your company, each member is registered for a different area but using your disco name and email address, so all enquiries for those 3 areas will still come to you, and each member is insured in their own right.

No - There is no minimum (or maximum) age limit for membership (which includes the  PLI cover). We have members in their early teens right through to 'youngsters' in their 70s!

No. DJ PLI only covers claims made against you in respect of damage to third party property and persons where you have used your equipment. To insure your disco equipment look in the members area under 'Additional Benefits' for an exclusive great discount deal with Insure4Music.

'Dry Hire' is included however the intention of the policy is to cover individuals who are primarily disc jockeys but who hire their equipment out when not using it, the intention is not to cover specifically disco equipment hire companies.

Provided you normally reside in the UK, it covers you worldwide.

Our £10m DJ Public Liability Insurance is provided as part of annual membership so unfortunately short term or one day insurance cover DJ PLI is not available - you may find that dj insurance for one day (or for a weekend) is actually more expensive than our annual membership! See our advice here

The policy only provides cover for individuals who are AMPdj members. Each DJ will be insured as against their individual legal liability but there would be no cover for claims brought against the company.

The policy will provide any cover to an insured members personal service company provided that the member is the sole director and employee of the company. No cover is provided for any other corporate or charitable organisation, howsoever constituted.

Over the last few years 21 claims have been made against DJs totalling over £350,000. This figure doesn't include an additional number of claims or allegations made against DJs where liability was denied and cases were closed with no payments made.

We have some advice here for members to follow if a claim or allegation is made against you.

Extra Client Enquiries as a Benefit of Membership

After your account is activated you will automatically receive all enquiries submitted for your chosen area(s) by email. These enquiries are generated from our five feeder sites (see right). Enquiries are sent to you as soon as they are submitted by the client.

Why don't you have members listed on your site?
To make it fair for all members we use a unique system where all members are in with the same chance. We don't give preferential treatment to the owners or 'friends' by placing them at the top of a listings page.

We can't put a figure on it but hopefully lots of them! We are using a tried, tested and proven system - unique in the UK, however we won't make any false, exaggerated or misleading claims. We also believe that we are offering the best deal for membership benefits plus DJ PLI and gaining enquiries on the top of this is another added bonus.

By November 2016 we reached the £3,000,000 milestone for enquiries and bookings gained for our members - generated from the 5 AMPdj client sites.

Your initial membership fee includes one free area. Additional areas can be added at a cost of £10 per area.

Yes, if you decide you want extra areas during your membership, you can log in and add these to your subscription. You will only be charged a percentage for each extra area, relative to your remaining membership term.