Common Q&As for Mobile Disco Public Liability Insurance

Mobile DJ Questions and Answers

We plan to answer all commonly asked questions here. If you have another please get in touch.

Membership Questions

Why should I join AMPdj?

What is the period of membership?

Can I phone you if I have a question?

Can I pay for my membership over the phone?

Can I cancel my membership?

Will I receive a Membership Card?

Is membership just for DJs?

I don't have a PayPal account or a credit/debit card. can I still join?

DJ Public Liability Insurance Questions

How quickly can I get DJ Liability Insurance?

How much is it for Public Liability Insurance for a DJ?

Will I receive a DJ PLI Certificate?

What does the DJ PLI cover?

Why do I need DJ PLI?

How do I get DJ Public Liability Insurance?

How do I prove I have DJ Public Liability Insurance?

Is my roadie covered under my DJ PLI Policy?

Are other DJs who work for me covered by my DJ PLI Policy?

Is there an age limit for Membership or DJ Public Liability Insurance cover?

Is my disco equipment also insured under this policy?

What happens if I hire out my disco equipment?

What areas am I covered for?

Do you provide short term DJ PLI or disco insurance for one night?

My disco is registered as a Limited Company.

What if a claim is made against me?

Extra Client Enquiries as a Benefit of Membership

How do I receive extra enquiries?

Can I still join if my area is full for enquiries?

Do I have to go back on the waiting list each year?

How many extra enquiries will I receive?

Can I select extra areas for enquiries?

Can I add extra areas later?