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7 Secrets to Running a Successful Disco Business

What's in a name 7 Secrets to Running a Successful Disco Business - Part 2

We've called them 'secrets' because, although they're all pretty straightforward tips and ideas, most DJs do ignore at least some of them and lose business as a result!

If you've missed the first 4 you'll find them here

5. Stand Out from Other DJs

Not just at the gig but in correspondence with the client

If you do things or offer services that other DJs in your area don't, then let the client know about them.

6. Don't Assume Anything

Not just at the gig but in the planning of it

Something you are familiar with may be like a foreign language to the client, especially when referring to equipment. Not everyone knows what moving heads or uplighters are, so a description of their effect needs to be included together with the benefit of using them (for example; I use uplighters - these will light up the walls with vibrant colours and transform the appearance of your venue, making it look even more spectacular than it already is).

7. Put Yourself in the Client's Shoes

Not just at the gig but when dealing with them prior to the event

Is everything clear? Are you telling them things that are not relevant to their requirements or event? For example in a reply to an enquiry for a 10th birthday party is it relevant to tell them about your corporate or night club work? Also try to think of things that may worry the client and address these.

In summary what these articles highlight is that doing a great job at the event is only one part of running a successful disco business - getting the other 'non-performance' elements right too is essential when you want to build on your success as a great DJ.