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Choosing a Domain Name for Your Disco

Email & Website NamesEmail and Domain Name Addresses

If you don’t have an internet presence, or the ability to send and receive emails, you will be missing out on enquiries and possible bookings.


You're now making a lot of money from your discos and want to treat yourself to a new car. You make some enquiries and receive email replies from and Which one would you be more likely to trust with your hard earned cash?

So why would be any different for your clients?

For the sake of a few pounds to buy a domain name for a year (see below for further advice before you rush on-line to buy one), coupled with free web hosting for AMPdj members which includes five free email addresses, there's no reason to use a free email provider which, after all, was only ever designed for personal use, not for business.

So if you are serious about your business, make sure clients see you in the right light.

Domain Names

Choosing a Domain Name (website address) for your business is an important decision. There are many factors to take into consideration.

Including a key word such as 'disco' or 'mobile disco' could help you to be found in search engines. If you search for 'mobile disco in Kent', most of the websites that appear on page 1 have the word 'mobile' 'disco' or 'Kent' in the URL.

On many occasions, you will need to give your website domain name verbally. How easy is it for someone to remember?

Something like; is a lot harder to remember (and spell) than say!

Any tricky or unusual spellings could mean that you have to spell it out each time and then there is a chance the listener could interpret it wrong.
For example:

Double letters in the middle of the domain name can also cause confusion such as
Many people will probably type this as so either purchase this domain name as well and point it to your site or go for You will also need to make a decision as to which ending to choose (Top Level Domain or TLD). Ideally, mobile discos in the UK should make their first choice Generally, people searching on the internet will favour these before others.

Finally, is it available? You can check availability of your chosen domain name at